Unicorn Healthcare solution specialize in medical technology to serves healthcare institutions, life science, researchers, clinical laboratories, industry and the general public.

Unicorn serves a broad range of medical supplies, devices, laboratory equipment and diagnostic products..

Unicorn works closely with clinicians & other healthcare professionals to provide solutions for optimum efficiency and patient care.

  • Venturing In Cost-effective, In-Demand & Technology Driven Products.
  • Experienced Panel of Medical Professionals.
  • Established Distribution Network.
  • Dedicated Customer Care and Support.
  • As Distributors, our focus is 2 tiered with equal importance :
  • To provide the best possible products and service to our customers.
  • To form long-term, loyal relationships with our suppliers, and to ensure our mutual goals & sales expectations are met.

Surgical, Interventional Radiology, Cardiology & Neurology , Anesthesia, ICU related markets are our main focus.

  • Our call points include –
    • Hospitals and clinics
    • Physician’s practices
    • Consumers, retail and wholesale pharmacies
  • We also keep in touch with the following areas:
    Critical Care, Oncology, Nephrology and Urology.
  • We are continually looking for innovative products that fit our sales strategy and target markets.
  • We invite manufacturers with products or product concepts to contact us.
  • We are delighted to discuss our capabilities with you.
  • To Our Customers :
    We are dedicated to providing the highest level of services and quality products and back those products with all of our corporate resources.
  • To Our Suppliers :
    We are committed to developing our time and energy to maintain a high level of product knowledge and expertise in your market.
    We will use this along with our customer contacts to establish a sales and marketing program to achieve our mutual goals & expectations.